New Games

Program Directors

Emma Hanley - Mon/Wed 10-11; Fri 11-1

Volunteer Weekly Meetings

Wednesday 6-7 UpstairsĀ Y.E.S.


Program Mission

The New Games program seeks to establish a non-violent, non-competitive learning environment for children and volunteers. By exploring and enjoying a wide range of team building games, New Games provides the space for self expression and encouragement towards self worth and efficacy.

The parachute is great fun

The parachute is great fun

Service, Goals & Projects

Service is provided to after school programs. Weekly sessions allow volunteers to introduce games that are fun for everyone and promote positive values, as well as benefiting physical and mental health. Both children and volunteers greatly enjoy the chance to share smiles, laughs, and fun times.

Current Service Sites:

  • Trillium Charter School: Thursday 3:30-4:30pm

Monster tag, anyone?

Monster tag, anyone?