New Games Brings Joy Without Competitiveness

Every week directors Ashley Kniola and Valerie Gonzales meet at Library Circle to head out to after school programs at Alice Birney Elementary and Trillium Charter School. Volunteers in the program lead games that encourage kids to have fun without being competitive, so that they can learn to express themselves in a positive way. Valerie says, “the kids still find it fun and everyone wins!”.

Music Mentors Strike a Chord With Arcata Youth

Trio of directors Ana Monjaras, Julissa Silva, and Kelsey Hebert head the YES House program North Coast Music Mentors, also known as NCMM. Along with their 8 volunteers, the directors take trips down to Arcata Elementary every Friday afternoon to facilitate music-related activities. Some of the games they might play include well-known activities like “Red Light, Green Light”, but replaced with musical terminology to get the students engaged and excited about music.