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Youth Educational Services (Y.E.S.) is a home to 14-16 student-led community engagement programs that provide opportunities for HSU students to volunteer in local school and community sites.

Since 1968, Y.E.S. student leaders have initiated over 70 programs to address community needs and support community organizations. Student leaders and volunteers contribute their impressive time, talent and passion to Y.E.S. programs and report gaining hands-on learning, new skills, friendship and support, and self-discovery.

Governing Body

Y.E.S. was created and initiated by student volunteers with a core group of students organizing the administration tasks and performing the organizational responsibilities. As the organization grew, the students decided to hire professional staff to free-up the work load and to offer continuity and accountability to the newly formed organization. At that time the Executive Director position was established. As another branch of administration Y.E.S. created the board of directors in an effort to maintain student input and help enact the vision of students.

Starting a Program

Over the years Y.E.S.'s successful community service programs and student accomplishments have proven that students can and do make a positive difference in our community. New programs carry on the Y.E.S. tradition of identifying community needs and providing services to address those needs.

Organizational History

Youth Educational Services began in 1968 as response to students' desire for active roles in initiating social change. Up until that time social service agencies were utilizing students in ways that precluded students from taking management roles such as decision making, program development, evaluation and supervising.

Volunteer with Y.E.S.

Volunteering through Y.E.S. gives you an avenue to complement your academic learning with real life experiences. The service-learning you do at Y.E.S. is not only a way to get involved with the community and make new friends, but you can also earn academic units through your participation. Many students attribute their success in finding employment after graduation to the valuable leadership skills they gained by volunteering in Y.E.S. programs. Check out the current Y.E.S. programs!



If you would like to make a donation to our 2015 Serve-A-Thon please go to the following website: https://alumni.humboldt.edu/giving/serve-a-thon

Your donation is completely tax deductible and we sure would appreciate the support!  Without it we can’t realize our full programming potential.

Three Hours a Week With Kids Can Change Lives

“There are huge differences in the kids, not only physically, but also in the way they interact with us as directors and volunteers from semester to semester.” Mondse Ortiz is a co-director of Hand n Hand, one of the oldest programs at the YES House. She describes how many children have been transformed by the program and grow more sociable, happy and open after every interaction. She told me about one child of about four years who has severe Autism and was very quiet, only able to interact with a single volunteer the first semester Mondse remembered seeing him.

Volunteers Give Hearts a Home

Directors Chelsy Corcoran and Nikki McGriffin have made formidable changes to themselves and how they look at the world around them since becoming more involved with the Homelessness Network program, affectionately also known as “HomieNet”. “It had never occurred to me that there are homeless kids out there,” admitted Nikki, as she further explains how her stereotypes were broken down as she spent more and more time with children at shelters like the Serenity Inn.

Small Transformations LEAP to Big Changes

“Left foot, right foot!” Children shout in unison when they play Team Skis with the Leadership Education Adventure Program (LEAP), one of the YES House’s oldest programs. Throughout its history, LEAP has transformed many lives, allowing children to overcome their fears through rock climbing, backpacking and many other outdoor activities.