Our Programs

The following is a list of the Programs that are currently administered through the Y.E.S. House.


Art, Recreation, Theater works with elementary students to provide opportunities for creative projects in after school programs . . . Read More


Annual Y.E.S. Serve-a-thon

It’s amazing what 100 volunteers can do in four hours! Every year, Y.E.S. over 100 volunteers gather on C​ésar Chá​vez Day (March 31st) to serve our local community in a big way, which also acts as an annual fundraiser to support our cause. Much like a Dance­-a-­thon the funds raised by Y.E.S. Serve­-a-­thon help to sustain our student-led volunteer programs.

ARTists at Work

Every Friday at 3pm Arcata Elementary students eagerly await the arrival of ART program’s (Art Recreation Theater) students from Humboldt State University. About 7-10 volunteers participate in this program each semester and work with 10-20 kids at a time during service. ART’s mission is to empower children through the expression of art, recreation, and theater. They say these services help children who would normally be very shy find their voice and the courage to express themselves creatively. 

LEAPing into Action

LEAP’s (Leadership Education Adventure Program) mission is to help youth-at-potential build self-esteem through team building challenge courses and rock climbing, along with other outdoor activities. Facing insurance challenges in the Fall semester of 2015 as new directors, Roxann McArthur and Erika Burton had large visions for LEAP, which are soaring into action this semester. Since last semester LEAP’s volunteer involvement has more than doubled.

Buddies Build a Brighter Future

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go.” This quote by none other than Dr. Seuss is exactly the kind of vision Director Jibril Bob and Assistant Director Amanda Ramirez-Sebree try to promote in their program Study Buddies at Youth Educational Services. Throughout the week Director Jibril Bob and Assistant Director Amanda Ramirez-Sebree, along with their volunteer group, offer students throughout the community homework help, one-on-one tutoring, and lead group art and science activities at local schools and centers.

Dedicated Homies

Every Saturday and Sunday children staying at Serenity Inn in Eureka have the opportunity to be part of the outreach program Homelessness Network, affectionately known as “Homie Net”.

From Juvie to JC

Phillip von Haesler, Marilyn Villalba, and Eddie Zamora, directors of the program Juvenile Hall Retention Program (JHRP), work with youth eight to eighteen years old at Juvenile Hall in Eureka. Their 27 volunteers branch off into groups of nine to do service three times a week. In the short hour that volunteers get to spend with participants during recreation hour, they manage to do everything from play board games to basketball.