Queer Mentoring and Advocacy Program (QMAP)

Program Directors & Office Hours

Jose Moreno - Mon/Wed 3-4; Fri 2-4
Adam Mellott - Fri 11-12 & 2-3

Volunteer Weekly Meetings

Wednesday 6-7 Downstairs



Program Mission

QMAP aims to create a sense of community and empowerment among LGBTQ+ youth in Humboldt County by building coalitions and safe spaces.

Services, Goals & Projects

The Queer Mentoring and Advocacy Program provides mentoring and advocacy services for LGBTQA+ youth in local high schools. The group worked with Mattole Charter School in Fall semester of 2015 as well as McKinleyville High School. This year QMAP is continuing their work at McKinleyville High School with the student Diversity Club on campus. Every week a handful of volunteers go to the high school during the lunch hour to meet with this club and facilitate discussions pertaining to the queer community, as well as talk about the environment on campus. In relation to advocacy, QMAP plans to hold workshops for educators to learn how to better support their LGBTQA+ students. QMAP is attempting to reach out to more local schools in the community, and expose their participants to queer events and resources on the Humboldt State campus.