Welcome to YES House’s New Blog!

Many changes have come to the YES House since it was started in 1968, almost five decades ago. Most have been to improve and strengthen the programs offered by enthusiastic youth volunteers. You are witnessing first-hand the transition from a yearly paper newsletter to an online blog! The YES House’s long-lived newsletter has served its purpose for a timely 47 years, and is now retiring to the technological advancements of the internet. Since then, the YES newsletter had always kept the community up-to-date on organizations like Golden Years (formally Adopt-A-Grandparent) and Leadership Adventure Education Program, which have been with the house almost since its inception. However, the newsletter used to only come out once a year, and for some, this was less than simple and accessible; problems the blog assures to resolve.

For example, Kelly Whiteford, director of Art Recreation Theatre explained she is excited about the blog; “It will be more personal because it is more frequent and up-to-date”. Compared to the once-yearly additions, new stories about the unique experiences each YES Program offers will surface online each week. The YES Houses’ reliable Office Manager, Liz Samaniego agreed, saying, “It’s going to be great! It will keep YES in the spotlight, more than just once a year”. Each of us here at YES are very excited to embark on this journey linking a long history of servitude to the promise of many more successful years in the future!