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Youth Educational Services (Y.E.S.) is a home to 10-14 student-led community engagement programs that provide opportunities for HSU students to volunteer in local school and community sites.

Since 1968, Y.E.S. student leaders have initiated over 70 programs to address community needs and support community organizations. Student leaders and volunteers contribute their impressive time, talent and passion to Y.E.S. programs and report gaining hands-on learning, new skills, friendship and support, and self-discovery.

Youth Educational Services (Y.E.S.) - Fall Announcement

With HSU’s move to a hybrid of online and in-person education during fall semester, we want to outline Y.E.S. plans and opportunities. Y.E.S. will be operating virtually during fall 2020. While our office will be physically closed this fall, Y.E.S. staff and student leaders are excited to begin virtual community engagement projects with local schools and organizations.

Join a Y.E.S. program and make a positive difference in the Humboldt community from wherever you are learning this semester!

Y.E.S. will offer phone and Zoom appointments to support student, program and community needs. Please contact the staff members below with questions or to arrange an appointment:

Volunteer Participation

  • Attend weekly virtual program meeting (1-hour/week) *meeting times listed blow
    • Team building, reflection, core issues workshops and program planning
  • Engage in virtual volunteer projects (1-2 hours/week)
  • Students who engage consistently in both weekly meetings and engagement can comfortably log 25 hours this semester (more in some cases depending on remote volunteer projects) 
  • Semester-long volunteers must register for the affiliated Y.E.S. 1-unit course or verify they are enrolled in a service learning or academic internship course (using Y.E.S. as their field placement site) by the add/drop deadline: 9/7/20

Virtual Community Engagement Opportunities

Pen Pal Project:

HSU & Y.E.S. students will participate in letter-writing experiences, initially with 5th grade classes. Letters provide an opportunity for K-12 students to improve communication skills while learning about the college experience. 

Several Y.E.S. programs will participate in the Pen Pal project, connecting with local children and youth while exploring the themes of their particular Y.E.S. program. 

This project is part of the HSU initiative ConnectED, an effort organized by Center for Community Based Learning (CCBL), Youth Educational Services (Y.E.S.), Early Outreach Admissions and HSU academic departments. In the wake of pandemic closures, ConnectED provides opportunities for HSU students and faculty to support local K-12 students and educators.

Program Specific Engagement Projects

Several Y.E.S. programs will continue to engage in mission-based virtual activities with their regular school or community sites. Volunteers will participate in research, lesson planning and remote connections with program participants in Humboldt County. 

Volunteers will build connections with and provide support for children, youth and elders through Zoom sessions.

Overview of Y.E.S. Programs and Virtual Fall Projects

Art Recreation Theater (ART):  

Weekly meetings - Thursday, 6-7pm

Boost creativity in children through art, recreation and theater activities 

Virtual fall project: Pen Pal Program with local 5th-8th grade students

Environmental Education (EE):

Weekly meetings - Wednesday, 5-6pm

Explore nature and environmental issues with children/community groups through workshops and activities  

Virtual fall project: Pen Pal Program with local 5th-8th grade students

Golden Years (GY):

Weekly meetings -  Tuesday, 6-7pm

Companionship & connection with local elders (senior citizens) 

Virtual fall project: letter writing or zoom connections with seniors

Hand in Hand (HnH):

Weekly meetings - Thursday, 6-7pm

Engage in fun, enriching activities with children living with foster families 

Virtual fall project: Pen Pal Program with local 5th-8th grade students

Juvenile Hall Recreation Program (JHRP):

Weekly meetings - Thursday, 6-7pm

Establish connections with youth who are incarcerated

Virtual fall project: Research or virtual programming related to incarcerated youth


Weekly meetings - Wednesday, 5-6pm

Bridge the cultural gap between Spanish and English-speaking communities  

Virtual fall project: Pen Pal Program with local 5th-8th grade students

Queer Mentoring Advocacy Program (QMAP):

Weekly meetings - Wednesday, 5-6pm

Empower and support queer youth and allies

Virtual fall programming: Zoom sessions with local high school diversity club

Study Buddies (SB):

Weekly meetings - Thursday, 5-6pm

Free one-on-one or small group homework help 

Virtual fall project: Zoom tutoring with children at Jefferson Community Center in Eureka

Youth Mentoring Program (YMP):

Weekly meetings - Tuesday, 6-7pm

Be a positive role model through one-on-one mentorship with a local child

Virtual fall project: Pen Pal Program with local 5th-8th grade students