Governing Body

Y.E.S. was created and initiated by student volunteers with a core group of students organizing the administration tasks and performing the organizational responsibilities. As the organization grew, the students decided to hire professional staff to free-up the work load and to offer continuity and accountability to the newly formed organization. At that time the Executive Director position was established. As another branch of administration Y.E.S. created the board of directors in an effort to maintain student input and help enact the vision of students.

The board of directors has metamorphosed throughout the years in response to students' revision and structuring. The current vehicle for students to lead and guide the organization is the Governing Body of Y.E.S. The Governing Body acts as a learning tool for students to have the experience of being on an organizational steering committee while also giving its participants tangible skills and real-life leadership experiences. The Governing Body does not have all the (legal) responsibilities of a Board of Directors due to Y.E.S.' organizational structure. Students are confirmed by their peers to serve on the Governing Body and their duties include: assessing Y.E.S. pilot programs to assure they fit into the mission of Y.E.S.; discussing risk management and fiscal information of Y.E.S.; managing the Marjorie Fitzpatrick Cookbook Scholarship program and establishing guidelines, procedures, long-range planning, and staffing structures for the organization.