Mission Statement

The mission of YES is to support student-initiated, student-led volunteer programs that serve local community needs. By creating a collaborative, inclusive and safe environment, students are encouraged to become active creators of their own learning through exploring new ideas, developing leadership skills, connecting deeply with peers and community participants, and building meaning through reflection.


  1. To create experiential learning opportunities by coordinating volunteer placements based on identified community need.
  2. To facilitate opportunities that connect the cycle of service and learning with an awareness of the injustices and oppressions experiences by those we serve.
  3. To provide opportunities for students to explore their values, passions and potential career paths.
  4. To encourage students and those they serve to become advocates of positive social and environmental change. 

yes group shot


Y.E.S. is a program of the Associated Students of Humboldt State University and is under the department of Student Affairs; volunteers and student leaders can fulfill academic Service Learning hour requirements through YES programs.