Volunteer with Y.E.S.

Volunteering through Y.E.S. gives you an avenue to complement your academic learning with real life experiences. The service-learning you do at Y.E.S. is not only a way to get involved with the community and make new friends, but you can also earn academic units through your participation. Many students attribute their success in finding employment after graduation to the valuable leadership skills they gained by volunteering in Y.E.S. programs. Check out the current Y.E.S. programs!

Volunteer Opportunity

Volunteer helps children create potato buddies

Y.E.S. Semester Long Programs

Y.E.S. volunteers are recruited early in the fall or spring term for a semester long commitment to the program of their choice. Many students continue for another semester but only one program, Youth Mentoring Program, requires a full school year commitment. Hour long program meetings are held weekly and provide volunteers with fun interactive trainings, discussions, and reflections. These meetings are a requirement for volunteers, to ensure that they are well prepared to provide the specific service that is the primary objective of each Y.E.S. program.

Y.E.S. Monthly Volunteer Opportunities

Students who are unable to make a commitment to a semester long program can still volunteer with Y.E.S. through the Volunteer Opportunities Program (VOP). Once a month volunteers can participate in an activity that typically takes place on a Saturday for several hours. Details and sign up sheets for each month's activity are available at the Y.E.S. House.

  1. Submit Volunteer Application at YES
  2. Complete online Volunteer Contract

Semester Volunteer Opportunities contract

Monthly Volunteer Opportunities contract

Service Learning

More opportunities are available for Service Learning.